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'Both Ways' wins Best Original Song at the Venice Film Festival


'Both Ways', Wire & Wasteland's first official music video release, has just won Best Original Song in the Music Video category at the 2020 Venice Film Festival. 


The music video for 'Both Ways' was directed and edited by award-winning filmmaker Natalie Bible' and headed by post-production supervisor Brieanna Steele

'Both Ways' also received Honorable Mention in the Music Video Category at the Venice Film Awards.


The Electricity Club review of Return to the Light

Electricity club.jpg

The Electricity Club is an electronic music website founded in 2010 by founder / writer Paul Browne. TEC's ethos was founded on the idea of exploring electronic music across the broad spectrum of history that it encompasses. The Electricity Club's features and reviews have covered artists and bands such as Gary Numan, Chvrches, Erasure, Vile Electrodes, Ultravox, and many more.

Jules and Em would like to extend their deepest gratitude to writer Paul Browne for publishing this insightful and gracious review of Wire & Wasteland's first EP release Return to the Light. To read TEC's review of Return to the Light, visit their website at: 


Sparkling Sound review of 'Both Ways'


Sparkling Sound is an international music blog dedicated to the best indie music out there. The blog's writers and curators are passionate to share music from talented artists across the globe.

'Both Ways', Wire & Wasteland's first music video, was directed and edited by award-winning filmmaker Natalie Bible' and headed by post-production supervisor Brieanna Steele. To read Sparkling Sound's review of 'Both Ways', visit their website at: 


Wire & Wasteland featured on Electronic Fusion

Banner Electronic Fusion E234.jpg

“Electronic Fusion” is a radio show from curator and electronic musician Brainvoyager. The show is solely dedicated to electronic music of various styles. The show does not want to feature and to promote only the world’s best known and most famous electronic artists and bands, though. Therefore, the show also highly encourages music submissions from electronic (indie) artists and bands coming from all over the world. 


Three tracks from Wire & Wasteland's new EP, Return to the Light, will be featured on episode #234 of Electronic Fusion, broadcasting February 29th from 6pm - 9pm CET on MODUL303 Radio. To tune in, visit Brainvoyager's website at:




Wire & Wasteland is an electronic pop duo formed in 2019. The band consists of synthesist/vocalist Jules Straw and producer Em Baker.


Jules Straw is an electronic music producer, songwriter and vocalist based in Bristol, UK. She is mostly known for her work as Pinklogik, which she started in 2006. Several LPs and EPs have been released under that alias, and her style is known to be quite varied, but has been described by some as IDM, glitch, ambient and even synthpop.  

Em Baker is an award-winning music producer and composer for independent films and video games. She was originally a member of the San Diego based band Bishop Buzzkill. While playing bass with them, she began to experiment with electronic music production and beat-making, and in late 2014 she launched her dark electronic solo project, P'like. She resides in Champaign, Illinois.  



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